Xinda rock climbing descender OX Horn 8 descender ring

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Name:   Figure 8 descender with ears   

Material:  7075 aircraft grade aluminum   

Pull: 50KN(5000KG)   

Size: width17cm    height17cm      

Color: black  red  

Net weight: 240g  

For the diameter of rope: 8-13mm  

Multipurpose:  rock climbing, caving, expanding, rescue, rigging   

Instructions: 01 Connect the descender to the load bearing ring on the    safety harness   

                      02 Run the rope through small and big rings  

                      03 Turn the descender and link it to the small ring  

                      04 Check if the installation and locking system   

                      05 Double loop the rope around the descender    

                      06 Let the rope through the big ring and rig as shown   

                      07 Undo the rigging  

                      08 Descend steadily as shown  


Friendly reminder: please check and maintain your gear in order to avoid    danger caused by misuse while working or playing     at height