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Your Child's Favorite Copybook!

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Color: English style 1

School Systems are Struggling  

As many schools struggle to maintain staff, quality education is dropping.  Now, more than ever, children need home-based educational tools to learn and grow! This 4-book set stimulates creative LEARNING AT HOME while inspiring curiosity and motivation!

 Homework isn't Always Fun   

But practicing with these engaging interactive copy books, makes teaching your child a chore no more! All you have to do is pick up the magic pen and start tracing.  Your child will beg for a turn and will be eager to learn!

 Enhance Early Education in a Fun Way!

 This set  of 4 books will  enhance your child's early education!  Within a few weeks of practice, you'll see them improve significantly in English, Math, Drawing, and Numbers.

Other Practice Books Can Only Be Used Once

But each copybook in this set is REUSABLE!  The set includes a magic pen and magic ink refills, when the magic ink vanishes in 10-30 minutes, you can start writing again!

Suitable for Children 3-8 

                  Children aged 3-8 will enjoy the Magic Practice Copybook while they learn through play.   

Package includes:

1 set of 4 Books (English), 1 magic pen holder, 5 magic pen refills, and our gift to you -1 Pencil Grip of an assorted color!

Your Child Will Have the Clear Advantage with This Early Educational Tool!